Yogi practicing Chaturanga

Should You Practice Yoga Before or After Weight Lifting?

You’ve just finished a sweaty yoga practice and are ready to hit the weights. But you may be wondering– is it better to weight lift after or before your yoga practice? Your body may be warmer after your yoga practice, but do you might feel as if you don’t have the energy for a round

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How to Practice Cobra Pose 

If you have practiced Vinyasa yoga and Sun Salutations, then Cobra pose is definitely a posture that you are familiar with. Cobra is an excellent back strengthener and chest opener. It can feel amazing in your body when practiced safely with the proper alignment.  Yoga postures are often named after animals. This backbend mimics the

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Can Yoga Make You Sore?

Yoga is often seen as a gentle activity– it’s calming, spiritual, and can be a very gentle and relaxed practice. However, any yogi who has attended an Ashtanga or Power Vinyasa class knows that’s not always true. From arm balances to fast-paced sequences, you will definitely feel it in your body after a vigorous practice. 

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Are Home Workouts Effective?

With only 24 hours in a day, sometimes it seems as if there is hardly enough time to get anything done – let alone make time to get to the gym! Prioritizing your fitness routine is a healthy and wonderful habit to have, but not everyone has an hour or two to spare to get

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7 Yoga Poses to Avoid with High Blood Pressure

Yoga has been hyped as a cure-all in the last decades. Feeling stressed? Practice Yoga. Want to lose weight? Yoga! Have trouble falling asleep? Do some yoga before going to sleep. But is practicing yoga beneficial for every type of ailment? While having a regular yoga practice is healthy and beneficial for most people, it

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Wrist Pain in Yoga: Do’s and Don’ts 

We’ve all been there – your yoga teacher asks you to stay in Downward Dog for 10 deep breaths, and by breath 3, your wrists are screaming at you! You look around the room, and other yogis are not only holding it, but relaxing into it. But all you can think about is how much

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