Yogi straining eyes

10 Yoga Eye Exercises to Reduce Eye Strain

They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. In addition to helping you to see and navigate the world, your eyes give you a unique perception of the world both physically and spiritually. Your eyes are extremely important, and it is equally important for you to take care of your eyes!  I’m

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Yogi meditating

Is Yoga a Form of Mindfulness?

Have you always wanted to try meditation, but have trouble sitting still? Many people practice meditation because it is a form of mindfulness. It’s a way to slow down the mind, move inward, and train the mind to focus on a single point. But how about yoga? Can your yoga practice also be a way

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Yogi practicing Tree pose

Can Yoga Tone Your Body?

Lifting light weights or hitting the gym for a sweaty session can, without a doubt, tone your body. But the same repetitive movements of lifting weights or cardio sessions at the gym can become boring and uninspired. Are you looking for a holistic and embodied practice that will leave you feeling and looking great from

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The Best Beginner Balance and Stability Yoga Routine 

Do you keep falling out of your tree pose during your power yoga class? For some yogis, finding balance and stability can come easy. However, for others, it can be extremely challenging to stand on one foot. So what should you do when you find yourself constantly falling out of a balancing yoga pose? Yoga

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Yogi practicing Chaturanga

Should You Practice Yoga Before or After Weight Lifting?

You’ve just finished a sweaty yoga practice and are ready to hit the weights. But you may be wondering– is it better to weight lift after or before your yoga practice? Your body may be warmer after your yoga practice, but do you might feel as if you don’t have the energy for a round

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How to Practice Cobra Pose 

If you have practiced Vinyasa yoga and Sun Salutations, then Cobra pose is definitely a posture that you are familiar with. Cobra is an excellent back strengthener and chest opener. It can feel amazing in your body when practiced safely with the proper alignment.  Yoga postures are often named after animals. This backbend mimics the

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