How to Practice Chair Pose (Utkatasana) for Beginners

Also known as Fierce pose or Utkatasana in Sanskrit, Chair pose is a dynamic posture that fires up your body and builds strength and stability. The pose gets its name for its shape— when you practice chair pose, it feels as though you are sitting in an invisible chair. Chair pose can be practiced by

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Yoga for Inflexible People (How to Become Flexible)

One of the most frequent questions we get asked  is “Can I do yoga even if I’m not flexible?” and the answer is YES. Anyone who is inflexible can become more flexible.  You might not become a contortionist but with a consistent yoga practice, you can significantly improve your overall flexibility. For those of you

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Yoga vs. Meditation: What’s the Difference?

Eastern practices like yoga and meditation are becoming more and more mainstream with classes being offered in gyms, studios, and other venues all around the country. Many people are turning to more holistic practices to cope with anxiety, depression and the daily stresses of life. With the popularity of yoga and meditation growing in the

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15 Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners

Just started your yoga practice and can’t tell your Down Dog from your Mountain pose? Here are 15 Hatha yoga poses that are great to practice and get to know as a beginner. As a new yogi, take your time learning each pose, listen to your body, and enjoy your yoga journey! What is Hatha

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triangle pose for beginners

How to Practice Triangle Pose for Beginners

 Yoga allows us to feel expansive and grounded at the same time. When you practice, there are certain postures that embody this feeling of grounding and expansion, and triangle, or Trikonasana in Sanskrit, is one of these poses. A strong, powerful, and open posture, triangle pose requires strength, flexibility and openness in the body. To

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11 Simple Twists to Increase Spine Mobility

Twists are very prevalent in yoga, and you may have done a few without even noticing it! There is such a variety of twists in yoga that provide so many benefits to you both physically and mentally- but it’s important you know how to practice them safely! We’ll go over how to practice 11 spinal

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