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Yoga Rove is a community of yoga teachers, yogis, and health enthusiasts dedicated to helping others achieve their goals through yoga and healthy living, whether it be:

Meet Our Contributers

Ashley Southard

RYT 200 Hour Yoga Instructor

Amanda Strube

RYT 200 Hour Yoga Instructor

Jennifer Yusi

RYT 200 Vinyasa & Aerial Yoga Instructor

Alicia Curran

Yogi, Marathon Runner

Franziska Helfer

RYT 200 Hour Yoga Instructor

Mary McGilvray

RYT 420 Hour Yoga Instructor

Mariel Reyes

RYT 200 Hour Yoga Instructor

Ana Mateo

Health Coach

Meet the Co-Founders

Ally, Co-founder Yoga Rove

Registered Nurse. 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher. Avid hiker. Health enthusiast. Cat lover.

Victor, Co-founder Yoga Rove

Yogi of 10+ years. 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher. Self development student and teacher. Runner. Advocate of intermittent fasting.

We want to show others you do not have to be an athlete, be able to touch your toes, or be a certain weight to start practicing yoga to achieve results and build a fulfilling practice.

That being said, we are not here to idolize or beautify yoga as a trend. Yoga is a lifestyle and a journey that comes along with many other changes. We are here to tell you it’s OKAY to not be perfect from the start, and maybe fall a few times along the way.  It is apart of this wonderful journey.

We hope you find inspiration, motivation, and helpful tools to achieve life changing results. Then share them with a friend to change their life too. 🙂

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