How To Practice Screaming Toe Pose 

With a name like Screaming Toe pose, this posture does not sound like the most inviting pose to practice. But usually, the poses that we dislike the most are often the poses that we should practice the most! It’s great to practice during your yoga warm-up. This pose is easy to get into, but not

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How to Practice Half Monkey Pose 

Ardha Hanumanasana or Half Monkey pose is an intermediate yoga posture that stretches your hips, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Half Monkey pose is a half split and is a posture on the way to a full split, or Hanumanasana. If the sound of doing a split or even a half split sounds daunting to you,

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Woman practicing yoga

Does Stretching Help You Lose Weight?

You might not be the biggest fan of cardio or the gym and may be wondering, ‘Can stretching alone help me lose weight?’ The process of losing weight involves many factors. If you have unhealthy food or exercise habits, losing weight involves creating healthier habits.  One of these habits is stretching. A stretching routine incorporated

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Yogi practicing Seated Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist Benefits and How To

Seated spinal twists offer a great sigh of relief at the end of a long work day, during yoga class, or even at your office desk. If you are one of the millions of people stuck at a desk all day, it is not unlikely that you may be suffering from chronic lower back pain,

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Yogi practicing Camel pose

How to Practice Camel Pose

A heart-opening and expansive posture, Camel pose, or Ustrasana mimics the shape of a camel’s hump. This posture opens up the front body, is a deep backbend, and can feel pretty amazing when you are in it. At the same time, Camel pose can be challenging to practice as it opens up the spine in

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Yogi meditating

Should I Meditate Before or After Exercise?

Have you been hearing about the benefits of meditation in health and wellness communities? Mindfulness and meditation are becoming increasingly popular in the West, with many people curious to try out a meditation practice. You may be looking to add meditation to your daily wellness practice. Similar to exercise, meditation is best practiced consistently during

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