triangle pose for beginners

How to Practice Triangle Pose for Beginners

 Yoga allows us to feel expansive and grounded at the same time. When you practice, there are certain postures that embody this feeling of grounding and expansion, and triangle, or Trikonasana in Sanskrit, is one of these poses. A strong, powerful, and open posture, triangle pose requires strength, flexibility and openness in the body. To

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11 Simple Twists to Increase Spine Mobility

Twists are very prevalent in yoga, and you may have done a few without even noticing it! There is such a variety of twists in yoga that provide so many benefits to you both physically and mentally- but it’s important you know how to practice them safely! We’ll go over how to practice 11 spinal

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Yoga Modifications for Bad Knees

Are you experiencing knee pain in your yoga classes (or just in general)? Or perhaps you think you can’t do yoga because you have “bad knees?” We’re here to tell you that not only can you do yoga, you should do yoga. When practiced properly, yoga has proven to reduce knee pain. In a study

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The Best Yin Yoga Sequence for Beginners

Are you looking to increase the flexibility in your body with a softer, slower paced yoga practice? Yin Yoga may just be the practice for you. Maybe you love the intensity of your vinyasa class but are looking for the perfect restorative practice to compliment your fiery flow practice. If you are looking to try

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The Best Yoga Poses for Sore Muscles

 We have all been there— one day you are feeling super strong and accomplished from a challenging and invigorating workout, however, the next day your muscles feel extremely tired and fatigued. Sore and tight muscles after working out is extremely common and something that even the most experienced athletes experience from time to time. But

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Beginner’s Guide to Practicing 108 Sun Salutations

Practicing a few Sun Salutations in yoga class can be challenging enough, but have you ever thought of practicing 108 Sun Salutations in one go? Maybe you have seen a poster in your yoga studio about a 108 Sun Salutation practice, or possibly you are curious to try it on your own. The practice of

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