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Grounded Panda Changes Name to Yoga Rove

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We have BIG news, everyone! There has been a lot going on behind the scenes with us making changes to improve the overall experience of our website, along with how we can make things better and more helpful to you guys.



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Along with these plans we have made a HUGE decision, and that is our name. 

On Monday January 6th, 2020, Grounded Panda will become Yoga Rove and the url will change to

Grounded Panda changes name to Yoga rove- our new logo!

Over the past year we have really narrowed down what we want our site to be about: helping beginners get started with yoga while making it less overwhelming (and fun!), and we really want our name to clearly reflect that.

So you may be wondering, why Yoga Rove?

Rove simply means journey, but more specifically, one not fixed on one set destination. This is really what we want to portray on our website, our programs, and teachings to all of you: that yoga is a life long journey where learning is constant, and perfection isn’t the objective.⁠

We want to teach you how to reach your goals using yoga, but most importantly, how to love your journey while doing it. Yoga does not end when you’ve lost the weight, or can finally do the splits, and honestly, loving the PROCESS of getting there is what keeps you on the path and helps you get those results in the first place.

We LOVE providing information to beginners wanting to learn yoga and making the journey a little less stressful. We want our message to be crystal clear and to reach as many people as we can to help them reach their goals, and this is just one small step in that process.⁠

And also, with our name change will come other big changes as well!

Starting in February, we will begin to implement video tutorials as well for our posts! So many of you have requested this, and we are so excited to get started on this for you guys!

We will also be changing the look of our Resource Library and creating much higher quality printables for all of you as well as linking them to the specific post in order for you to have better reference of the poses.



What IS changing:

  • Our website name and web address. On Monday 1/6/2020, Grounded Panda will become Yoga Rove at the web address
  • Starting in the new year, we will begin to include videos in our yoga tutorials and routines! This is a much requested addition and we are so excited to begin this project for you guys!
  • The structure of our Resource Library will change in order to help you navigate our routine and pose tutorials better.

What is NOT changing:

Our Free Resource Library, our content, our message, our simple step-by-step tutorials, and our beliefs; these all remain the same! Basically, everything will remain the same except the name and web address.

Why it’s changing: We want our name to reflect our approach to yoga- that it is an ever-lasting, curious, fun, life-changing journey where learning never ends and perfection is never obtained, and that the destination truly is the journey itself. 💛


Links: All links from, including specific yoga routines and other blog post links, will automatically redirect to If you run into any broken links, please let us know!

Social Media: To support the change of our website name, all of our social media channels will be changing as well, but don’t worry, if you are already following Grounded Panda on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, you will automatically be following Yoga Rove (new handle @YogaRove).

Email: Since you are already subscribed to Grounded Panda’s email list, you don’t need to do a thing! This will automatically update too.

Resource Library: The link to our Resource Library will remain the same as well. You may just need to put in the password again once we switch over to the new site (the password will remain the same).


And, most importantly, we just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your support for Grounded Panda, and soon to be, Yoga Rove. We would not be here without all of you and have so much gratitude for being able to help you all along your yoga journeys.

-Ally +Victor

2 thoughts on “Grounded Panda Changes Name to Yoga Rove”

  1. Dear Ally and Victor,

    May the new year 2020 with the new looks of your website bring you many more members of your tribe!

    Love, health and prosperity to everyone!

    Thank you for the beautiful gift of yoga flows – pure joy!

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