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13 thoughts on “Yoga Chat #2”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I never heard the term monkey mind and have now heard it twice in the last two days. I don’t believe in coincidences, so I’ll call this confirmation that this is what’s going on with me and you have provided the help I need!

  2. Hi It was nice video, and thank you for that.
    I am a dad of 7 years old son, Can you please suggest me how to initiate meditation for my son ?

  3. Thank you, Victor
    I’ve been struggling with this very issue! I thought it was just me mentally trying to keep the jumbled thoughts out, while trying to meditate and breathe.
    My takeaway was the suggestion of writing down the “pop-up” thoughts and keeping in the space of the present.
    Thanks again for the coaching.

  4. Thank you for sharing Roel .I love the term monkey mind ! It is a great metaphor for all those thoughts constantly running like little monkeys in our mind.
    Until we pay attention and become aware of them , they are a constant chatter. When we practice and focus on our breathe we can become aware of them. Slowly agreeing to notice them but choosing not to play with them in the moment ,to ignore them for a bit and return our focus to our breathe or our bodies. I started out for 5 minutes at a time and it is amazing how with the practice the intervals grow between the thoughts that pop up and take over our focus.

  5. Thank you!!! That was so helpful and very pointed! That suggestion about writing things down that pop into your head works for me too! It helps me to not dwell mentally on things needing to be done when I’m trying to relax. You’re sooooooo right about that! But thanks for all the other suggestions:) Look forward to more of these chats! Love you guys!

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