Yoga Wheel Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a yogi on a mission to improve their practice and your overall well being, and are always on the hunt for the newest tools to aid you in getting there, you will definitely benefit from a yoga wheel.

What is a Yoga Wheel?

Yoga wheels are new tools that quickly became a trend in the yoga community. They are usually made out of wood or some type of plastic and covered with cork or foam for comfort.

What is a Yoga Wheel Used For?

Yoga wheels are great tools to help aid you in flexibility and balance progression. There is an endless variety of ways you can use a yoga wheel, making it extremely versatile.

I was honestly very skeptical when I first saw them popping up everywhere, thinking it was just another trend. But then I began to see before and after results on how people drastically improved their flexibility, and just from that I was sold.

Any yoga tool that can help you improve and feel better is a necessary tool in my book!

What to Look for in a Yoga Wheel

That being said, you do NOT need to spend over $100 dollars on a yoga wheel to get good quality, regardless of what some people may tell you.

Sure, those expensive wheels have pretty designs, but in the end you really only need to look for a few things in a yoga wheel for it to be worth your investment:

Stability: You want it to be able to support your body weight and more so you can feel safe when you decide to use it for balancing.

Good Base Material: What material you get is based on your preferences, but you want to make sure it is well made and will not warp easily from pressure or heat.

Good Outer Material: You want the other foam or cork to be well made of course, because that is the main part of the tool you will be touching. You don’t want it to easily break apart or easily absorb sweat.

Top Pick Yoga Wheels

People may tell you that you need to buy a certain brand to ensure a great yoga wheel, but with my experience that was not the case. I’m never one to spend double the price just for a brand name- I always like to test out smaller companies first that specialize in these products.

#1 Pick: UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this yoga wheel whatsoever. It was a great buy. It is super sturdy and very comfortable. There are two options for the outer material- either cork or foam. I have the foam one, but have read reviews that the cork is equally as comfortable.


Stability: Supports up to 550 pounds- perfect for your basic use of stretching and strengthening poses

Quality: This wheel is very well made- the foam doesn’t come off easily like most other cheaper wheels

Sweat resistant: The outer material is easy to clean and won’t soak up bad smells


I honestly have nothing to complain about for this wheel, I think it is a really good buy and love mine!

#2 Pick: Solofit Double Radian Yoga Wheel

This is a cool concept for a yoga wheel. The bend makes it not only great for training your balance, but allows a much gentler way to practice backbends and double as back support when sitting.


Stability: Also holds up to 550 pounds

Versatile: Can be used to train flexibility, as well as support your back while you are seated in a chair

Easy to transport: Being 10″ wide makes it easy to transport and take with you in your bag anywhere you go

Beginner friendly for balancing: The shape of this wheel makes balancing poses much less challenging for even the newest beginners


-Doesn’t allow as deep of backbends as a round yoga wheel

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