Yoga Strap Buyer’s Guide

Who would think there would need to be a guide for buying yoga straps? A strap is a strap is a strap, right? Well, not exactly. There are actually a ton of different types of straps, which may actually make you rethink your choice before you buy.

What is the purpose of a yoga strap?

Yoga straps are meant to help you improve your flexibility and sink deeper into poses. You can use traction from the strap to  stretch and to keep yourself in poses longer.

Different Types of Yoga Straps: Top Choices

There are actually quite a few choices of straps you have to choose from, all which have their strengths and weaknesses. Check these out and see which ones might help your practice the most!

D-Ring Cotton Strap

This is the standard in studios and what most people use at home. These work great for what they are and are extremely versatile. You can wrap them in tons of different ways in order to stretch and align your body to improve your form. The best part is they are super cheap. You can get a quality one (like this one from Amazon) that will last you for years.

Elastic Stretch Out Strap by Yoga Evo

This strap is the next level of stretching. It is elastic which makes it feel gentler than a cotton strap while you are using it to get deeper into poses. It is also very versatile as you can use it for resistance exercises as well. Yoga Evo’s version of this also has tons of loops which allows you to adjust the resistance. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Multi-Loop Strap

If you’re not really into the elastic strap, but like the concept of being able to better control the traction of your stretches, this mult-loop strap from SANKUU (see price on Amazon) is a great choice. It is made out of nylon fiber, so is extremely sturdy, and the loops are very large so they won’t wrap around you too tight causing discomfort or decreasing circulation.

Adjustable Strap

This is similar to the d-ring strap except that it doesn’t use a d-ring to adjust, you can simply slide the loops of the strap up and down to adjust them in size. This also makes it easily usable as a yoga mat holder, which is pretty cool! You can get a great one by Clever Yoga (see on Amazon) for a very reasonable price.

Infinity Strap

This strap is super helpful for poses like chaturanga, forearm stand, and other poses in which you are trying to improve the alignment of your limbs. The strap has holes, like an infinity sign, which you can stick your arms and legs in. Infinity Strap (see on Amazon) is a great option to keep in my if you want to improve your alignment without always having to readjust your strap.

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