Best Recovery Tools to Have

Self care is so, so important yet so many people neglect it. It’s not enough to workout and say that you are healthy. Working out frequently can actually cause a lot of tension build up and pain if you don’t properly care for yourself afterwards.

If you want to keep your range of motion as you age to feel your best, these tools are necessities.

1. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

Foam rolling is so important for releasing fascia and tightness in the body. If you have an intense yoga or cardio session, you should definitely make sure you foam roll after to prevent lactic acid from building up, causing soreness. We use this one (see on Amazon).

2. “The Stick” Massage Stick

Victor carries this with him everytime he goes to work, and people pretty much beg him to use it! There are multiple options of sizes. We use “the original” (see on Amazon). He goes over the different ways to use it in his post about the #1 Tool for Relieving Tightness.

3. Rubz Foot Massage Ball

This little ball is so powerful! All it takes is a few minutes of rolling your foot over it on each side and you instantly feel better. After working long shifts this is the prefect remedy for pain relief in my feet and legs. It restores circulation and loosens the knots in your feet which directly correlates with the way the rest of your body feels.

4. Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool

This tool might look kind of crazy, but I assure you it is completely worth it. You can’t always find someone to massage the knots out of your back, and that is where this tool is amazing. The different knobs on the cane provide the perfect solution for massaging knots gently to release tension and tightness. We use this one from Amazon.

5. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

As you can see, Victor and I are big about feet, ha. The feet hold a lot of tension that negatively effects the rest of the body, causing things like pain and discomfort in other areas. This relates back to fascia, as it is connected throughout the entire body.

This roller is a great relaxing way to increase circulation and release tension in the feet. It feels so nice to sit down at the end of a long day and just roll your feet on this. You instantly begin to feel the blood flow come back to your feet.

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