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Need help starting your yoga practice?

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The Yoga Pose Guide: Beginner Edition (Includes a FREE routine book!)

Have a hard time practicing proper alignment in poses?

Not sure how to safely and properly get in and out of a pose?

Clueless on where to start in order to build a strong yoga practice at home?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, The Yoga Pose Guide: Beginner Edition can help you!

Eliminate the overwhelm of starting yoga on your own with our step-by-step e-book of over 70+ yoga poses and 20+ routines!

The Yoga Pose Guide: Beginner Edition is an all-in-one guide and reference for beginners with over 70+ professionally illustrated beginner level yoga poses.

This guide includes everything a beginner needs to know and breaks it down into small bite size pieces to avoid the overwhelm of learning something new.

By learning how to practice each pose properly with visual cues and step-by-step instructions, you will easily build a strong foundation and avoid injury.

Best part is, if you are eager to start practicing yoga NOW, this 148 -page printable guide is instantly available as a digital download sent to your email. You can easily print it at home and have it bound at most office supply stores. Nothing will be shipped, meaning you don't have to pay shipping!

This guide gives you everything you could possibly need to start and build a strong yoga practice at home. Each pose is broken down and simplified so you fully understand what to do. If you are looking for a go-to reference to begin your practice, this is it.

The Yoga Pose Guide: Beginner Edition is sold only as a PRINTABLE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Photos above depict the guide after it's been printed out at home or at a copy shop.

Step by Step Guide to Master Your Yoga Practice

See what inside the guide looks like...

70+ Professionally Illustrated Poses

We include over 70 beginner level yoga poses and break them down visually with alignment cues, step-by-step instructions, and how to modify for your needs.

Informative Cheat Sheets

Get access to multiple cheat sheets that touch upon all of the common issues beginners experience such as hand + foot placement, arm variations, wrist exercises, alignment tips, and more.

FREE Routine E-Book Included

When you get The Yoga Pose Guide: Beginner Edition, you also get access to over 20 beginner level routines to help you warm up, improve flexibility, lose weight, and destress.

Accessible on ALL devices!

Access this e-book on your phone, laptop, tablet, or simply print it out and place it by your mat ready to be used!

Here's what readers have to say about it...

Benita H.
Wonderful Resource!
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These guides are my go to for my home practice, they are easy to read, explain every step and are my constant companion next to my mat each morning, I highly recommend! Thank you to the Grounded Panda team for putting together such a great resource for those that wish to build a strong home practice!
Tom M.
Beginners Pose Guide Could Not Be Better
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I am a beginner having only completed 6 classes. I want to start practicing at home so requested the preview and once I viewed it could hardly wait to find my credit card to order both guides. The Beginners Pose Guide is everything a new yoga practitioner could hope for. The illustrations are excellent with clear and concise instructions on foot, leg, arm, etc, placement along with tips and modifications for ease of the pose. For anyone, beginner or advanced these guides are highly recommended.
Really practical and great explanations!
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I'm an experienced yogi (teacher to be soon) and I have to say that these guides are just all you need for a good practice at home. . The drawings are perfect, the adaptations of poses are perfect too, they also include advice and how-to so you can achieve every pose from beginner to intermediate. I fully recommend it for everyone. Even if you're an experienced yogi, this cheat-sheets are perfect to check alignment and balance in every pose! I love it!!
Ig review beginner guide
IG review beginner guide
Tania W.
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Super stoked about this purchase! I love you guys and always refer to you in my classes. I threw my guys into a ninja pose today (tight hamstrings routine) there was lots of laughing and of course mods. Thank you again for taking the anxiety out my class planning.
Awesome guide for beginner
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This is just what I was looking for to learn yoga poses and build my confidence.
Brittany C
the holy grail of yoga for all stages
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Extremely detailed, well organized and informative. And for the price, I couldn’t go wrong. I’m excited to have this bundle help me reach a few of my yogi goals!
Finally a book for actual beginners
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This is seriously the perfect guide for starting yoga. I love how you guys have provided different block modifications for your poses. I own a couple of yoga books and no one has shown as many modifications as you have. Printing out your routines makes me more motivated to do yoga because I set up my yoga mat and place the routine on it to get me started in the morning. Thanks again for this wonderful e-book!

Don't wait, grab your Beginner Edition of The Yoga Pose Guide now and start using it immediately!

What Exactly Does This Guide Include?

This e-book guide contains simplified instructions and cheat sheets to help solve the most common issues in a beginner practice and help set you up for success, including:

  • Over 70+ professionally illustrated beginner yoga poses with alignment cues, pose breakdowns, step-by-step instructions, and modifications
  • Beginner Yoga Tips for Starting Your Practice
  • How to Practice Proper Alignment
  • How to Set Up Your Yoga Space for Success
  • How to Use Yoga Props
  • How to Use Your Breath
  • Arm Variation Options
  • Hand + Foot Placement Chart
  • Wrist Exercises to Avoid Wrist Pain
  • + Over 20 beginner yoga routine printables for flexibility, weight loss, strength building, stress relief, and relaxation

There is a clickable yoga pose library at the end of the pose guide to allow you to easily refer back to each pose while practicing.

What if I'm completely new to yoga?

This e-book guide is perfect for you! This guide covers all of the basics of beginning a yoga practice from how to select the proper space to practice in to how to use your breath in poses. It also covers over 70+ beginner level yoga poses and includes multiple modifications throughout.

What if I've already developed a yoga practice?

This guide will still help you! This is a one-in-all reference you can refer back to whenever you need, regardless if you are an advanced student or yoga teacher. If you ever forget how your legs are supposed to be placed in a pose or need an idea on how to cue your class, this will be your go-to resource!

How fast will I recieve it?

Immediately after you order it! This is a digital product (nothing will be shipped to you). Feel free to access it on your phone, computer, tablet, or print it out and keep it by your yoga mat (or all four!)

How much is it?

This 148-page e-book is easily worth $40 or more, but for a limited time we are offering it for just $19.

Plus a BONUS- anytime we update the guide, you get the new version for free! We will let you know and resend the new download.

If you have an idea for a new beginner pose you'd like us to include let us know, and if we get enough requests we will add it to the new updated file.

This Beginner Yoga Pose Guide takes away all of the overwhelm that comes with starting a new practice. Anytime you ever have a question, you can refer back to this. You'll be an expert in no time!

The perfect visual tool for beginning yoga!

"I just wanted to shout a big THANK YOU!!! for creating such a wonderful beginners guide! You've made it completely effortless for me to get motivated. Everything I need is now at my fingertips. I'm a very visual learner so this guide is exactly what I needed! I love being able to work at my own pace in my own private space when it's convenient for me to practice my yoga. I love the way the information is presented...it's so comprehensive...so easy to follow...so clear. Thanks again!" -Danielle F.

Beginner Yoga Pose Guide
Julye B.
Love it!
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I am so pleased with the Yoga Poses Guide I received! It is easy to understand and the illustrations are very helpful.
Great Resource
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Really really happy with this lovely resource - clear instructions and good graphics. Thank you!
Thank you 💕
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I just purchased the set! As a new practitioner, I am never sure if I'm doing the pose correctly and the class instructor only gives verbal cues. Now I can practice at home too and follow the visual cues in your guides! Thank you 💕

Don't wait, grab your Yoga Pose Guide: Beginner Edition at the discounted price of just $19 today!


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