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In the meantime, if you want to start improving your yoga practice quickly, safely, and you like easy-to-follow visuals, here is what else you should grab (it’s my most popular product):

Treat Yourself To..
The Yoga Starter Kit: Pose and Routine Guide Bundle

$46 $17 for the next 20 minutes only!

The Yoga Starter Kit is the best approach to learning yoga so you can...

Improve Flexibility

Build Strength

Reduce Pain

Increase Energy Levels

Reduce Stress + Anxiety

Improve Quality of Life

See what's inside these TWO guides...

70+ Professionally Illustrated Poses

When you get the bundle, you get over 100 beginner and intermediate level yoga poses that are broken down visually with alignment cues, step-by-step instructions, and modifications for your needs.

Informative Cheat Sheets

Get access to multiple cheat sheets that touch upon all of the common issues beginners experience such as hand + foot placement, arm variations, wrist exercises, alignment tips, and more.

20+ Go-To Yoga Routine Printables

Easily navigate and search for your desired pose with the included clickable pose library available in both e-books. Simply use your find feature, type in the name, and click to go to your cheat sheet.

Here's what our community has to say about it...

Benita H.
Wonderful Resource!
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These guides are my go to for my home practice, they are easy to read, explain every step and are my constant companion next to my mat each morning, I highly recommend! Thank you to the Yoga Rove team for putting together such a great resource for those that wish to build a strong home practice!
Tom M.
Beginners Pose Guide Could Not Be Better
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I am a beginner having only completed 6 classes. I want to start practicing at home so requested the preview and once I viewed it could hardly wait to find my credit card to order both guides. The Beginners Pose Guide is everything a new yoga practitioner could hope for. The illustrations are excellent with clear and concise instructions on foot, leg, arm, etc, placement along with tips and modifications for ease of the pose. For anyone, beginner or advanced these guides are highly recommended.
Really practical and great explanations!
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I'm an experienced yogi (teacher to be soon) and I have to say that these guides are just all you need for a good practice at home. . The drawings are perfect, the adaptations of poses are perfect too, they also include advice and how-to so you can achieve every pose from beginner to intermediate. I fully recommend it for everyone. Even if you're an experienced yogi, this cheat-sheets are perfect to check alignment and balance in every pose! I love it!!
Everything I need
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These ebooks are the best! I was looking for a good yoga book to practice yoga at home and these ebooks have all the information I need. The illustrations and written instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It’s better than any other yoga book I own. Would definitely recommend.
Awesome guide for beginner
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This is just what I was looking for to learn yoga poses and build my confidence.
Brittany C
the holy grail of yoga for all stages
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Extremely detailed, well organized and informative. And for the price, I couldn’t go wrong. I’m excited to have this bundle help me reach a few of my yogi goals!
I absolutely love your guides
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I’m a very new yoga teacher and was looking for info to assist in creating classes. Pinterest was where I initially found your pics – then I realised they were pdf’s so I searched your name and came across your site. Being able to go to a website and find the pdf’s was a god send. And then find you had guides as well – I was in heaven ! The format is easy to read , the hints and tips are a great reminder plus the alignment and variations. There is more instruction here than I received in some of my training. These guides will become the cornerstone of my class library.
Ally and Victor are the husband-wife team and Registered Yoga Teachers/Founders of Yoga Rove. Their mission is to simplify yoga for beginners to empower them to feel confident in their practice and daily life. And that is why they created these e-books- to help YOU get started on your yoga journey so you can experience the power of yoga and start to feel good!

Get Instant Access to The Yoga Starter Kit Below for $17


What Exactly Does The Yoga Starter Kit Include?

Both e-book guides are full of information designed to help you as a beginner start your yoga practice and develop it into an everlasting practice.​

The Beginner Pose Guide ($27 value) includes:

  • Over 70+ professionally illustrated beginner yoga poses with alignment cues, pose breakdowns, step-by-step instructions, and modifications
  • Beginner Yoga Tips for Starting Your Practice
  • How to Practice Proper Alignment
  • How to Set Up Your Yoga Space for Success
  • How to Use Yoga Props
  • How to Use Your Breath
  • Arm Variation Options
  • Hand + Foot Placement Chart
  • Wrist Exercises to Avoid Wrist Pain

The Beginner Routine Guide ($19 value) includes:

20+ yoga routines (NOT found in the Resource Library) suitable for all levels to practice for:
  • Improving Flexibility
  • Building Strength
  • Pain Relief
  • Improving Endurance
  • Balance
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation
Julye B.
Love it!
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I am so pleased with the Yoga Poses Guide I received! It is easy to understand and the illustrations are very helpful.
Great Resource
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Really really happy with this lovely resource - clear instructions and good graphics. Thank you!
Thank you 💕
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I just purchased the set! As a new practitioner, I am never sure if I'm doing the pose correctly and the class instructor only gives verbal cues. Now I can practice at home too and follow the visual cues in your guides! Thank you 💕
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